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US National Archives Identifier:6398926

What is The Cold War Outpost History Group ?

Cold War Outpost History Group, was created in the Summer of 2018. Our mission is  encourage young and old to learn more about the Cold War in Germany, and all of its lesser known and talked about aspects. We will do this through pictures, documents, military equipment and Podcasts.


Founder and Host Joseph Teed

Hi My name is Joseph, i have been a military collector most my life and a self-taught historian on the Cold War in Germany. As a kid growing up in the 90s, I got to experience the very end of the Cold War which got me interested in wanting to know what the Cold War was. I spend a lot of my free time reading history books, since  the internet was in its beginning  stages. Later I saw pictures of  both of my parents in the Military, who were station in Nurnberg Germany during the 80s, the hot part of the Cold War. I started searching for books on the Cold War in Germany, started to collect military items. Years later it turned into a the Cold War outpost History Group.


The Cold War Outpost History Group, is a historical page and podcast. We do NOT support the former Soviet Union, socialist parties or communism. Any mentions of the Nazis or the Third reich is solely used in a historical manner, Cold War Outpost in NO way support them.

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