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What is The Cold War Outpost History Group ?

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Cold War Outpost, was created from an idea in the Summer of 2018, to transform the Cold War Germany page into a historical podcast. The goal of Cold War Outpost, is to encourage young and old to learn more about the Cold War, and all of its lesser known and talked about aspects. We will do this through pictures, documents, military equipment and the planning that was involved. We also like to interview military veterans, who were stationed in Germany and those people live there during that time.


Cold War Outpost History Group is Hosted and Produced by Joseph Teed

Founder and Host Joseph Teed
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The Cold War Outpost, is a historical page and podcast.We do not support the former Soviet Union, socialist parties or communism. Any mentions of the Nazis or the Third reich is solely used in a historical manner, Cold War Outpost in NO way support them.