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Cold War related Links

This section contains links and related items that may, add to the understanding of the times and events in Germany during the Cold War. We are NOT affiliated with any of the link below for the exception of Point Alpha Militaria.


Founded in 1997,’s mission is twofold: foster contact and communication between former members of the U.S. Army Berlin Command, U.S.Army Berlin, and U.S. Army Berlin Brigade as well as members of U.S. Air Force assigned to West Berlin from 1945 to 1994 and to share information from first person sources about our time in West Berlin from July 1945 to September 1994 through first person interviews, diaries, letters, journals, speeches, autobiographies, and witness statements typically by those that actually served in West Berlin.


Stasi Decorations and Memorabilia Volumes I, II and III by Ralph Pickard represent the most comprehensive body of work in English on Stasi medals, uniforms, insignia, and mementos.  Each of the volumes was extensively researched and contain hundreds of never seen before photos.  All three volumes together include over 900 pages with over 1700 illustrations!

As Ambassador Hugh Montgomery states in his Foreword in Volume II, “I believe it can be said without fear of contradiction that this study will remain the true bible of Stasi medals, mementos and insignia, all meticulously assembled in a volume which  will neither be duplicated nor superseded by any subsequent work.”  Further as Jefferson Adams, Professor Emeritus of History states in his Foreword in Volume III, this current volume breaks more fresh ground and constitutes a most worthy companion to the previous two. Ralph has continued to add to the earlier sections dealing with relations with other Warsaw Pact states.

Screenshot_2021-01-29 An M-60 main battl

If you like history, they have a huge collection of historical items,pictures,documents. Please check them out. They do have a huge collection of Cold War pictures and items.


Ian Sanders, covers the cold war as a whole,  as he interviews people from different parts of the cold war. Check out his podcast.

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Point Alpha Militaria, is a small business in North central KY that specializes in Cold War era militaria.

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