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A new year 2023

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new years. Since its a new year, we have some new things to announce. First the website is be being update weekly, along with our Facebook group, since i now have time aside my full time job to work on them on a regular bases. I will begin editing old veteran interview for the website, it will take a bit but will get done.

Second i will be starting scripting ideas, for the new podcast Cold War Briefings. It will be 5 min episode, of a cold war topic giving a brief history. I am open to ideas, of a cold war topic for episodes . Third this year we decided that we will be changing the theme of our displays, for each show.. For the up coming Show of Shows, in Louisville KY, we will be adding a video and picture slide show and map of Germany for reference. For the summer and fall show in Wilmington OH, will be decided later. So we were getting ready for the Show of shows, we will be in the same spot as later year down G Row.

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