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Summer Updates and Website Construction

Summer Updates,

Future show coming up in November, we will be at the 2022 OVMS Military antiques show at the Robert Center. This years display will have a few new additions, unfortunately you will have to wait until the show. If you know of a military show close to Kentucky, please let us know as we are looking into other shows to expand to.

I am making some huge changes to the website and additions. I am adding individual sections for the Allies, Germanys, soviets and NATO forces. These sections will have history, pictures and docs. To answer the question about the podcast, i have decided to go a new direction. I am still doing the interview podcast, but i will be adding a new podcast call Cold War Briefings. Which will be a 5min brief history on a subject on the Cold War in Germany. so that is coming soon. That is the little update, i will have a other update soon.

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