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Welcome to the Cold War Outpost.

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Thanks for visiting our website.We are still adding new content as we moving along. If you new to the website or the Facebook page, we started in 2010 as Cold War Germany. I myself have always been fascinated in history and what you can learn. The Cold War in Germany has been my hobby and interest since i was 7 years old. Plus also having both of my parents stationed in Germany during the 80s, help a alot with my hobby.

The Cold War Outpost came to be during a conversation about my facebook page at the time Cold War Germany and the amount of military veterans from both sides. Hearing the stories and experiences, sparked the idea of a podcast, to give those who served in Germany a voice or place to tell their story that is often not heard. That is when i created the Cold War Outpost in December 2018.

We are very close to the launching of our Podcast, the first episode will be the introduction and then we hope to post a podcast every week when we put together more content. But until then please check out our Facebook page and discussion group.

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