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Welcome to the Cold War Outpost History Group! We are dedicated to persevering  the Experiences, stories and the history of the Cold War in Germany


****Military Show Event****

Show of Shows
Military Show
Louisville Ky Expo center
Feb 24&25th


**Recent Updates**

Soviet Scrapbook 06.19.21

Historical Doc 01.17.23

U S Army Maps 01.13.23

Border DDR 01.13.23

Border Czech 01.13.23

Historical Doc 2.3.23

Historical Doc 3.26.23

Historical Doc 4.19.23

Soviet Photo Album 06.7.23

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Do you have a War Cold Story?

We are looking for people who would like to share their stories about the Cold War in Germany Whether you served in the military/police force,lived or traveled in Germany during the Cold War. Use the form in the contact section.

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